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Service above Self

When you are capable of viewing existence outside of yourself, without taking anything personally, and making the world a better place with no concern for remuneration, you will be considered selfless.

In Buddhism, selflessness is not self denial or repression; it is a form of thinking and reflecting to find out who you really are. Selflessness is equivalent to egolessness. Rid yourself of need, appreciate what you already have, and be considerate of others. Being of service to humanity is the answer to most problems.

Rotary Club, an international organization, abides by the following wisdom:

The Four-Way Test:

First Is it the Truth?

Second Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Fourth Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

There is notable wisdom in the above test. I have also adapted Rotary’s motto as my own: Service above Self.

Throughout history great minds have established profound universal truths, knowledge and insights and have shared them as a gift to established society, and all the distinguished leaders agree that selflessness is the path to happiness.

The above excerpt can be found in “Thick Skin” page 119

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