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QD Publications Ltd.

We offer:

  • Editing

  • Ghostwriting

  • Blogging Services

  • Book Reviews

  • Consulting



For pricing information contact Melissa:

(519) 251-0750



* Professional Editing - grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, paragraph development and flow, tone and dialogue, message effectiveness, language leveling, final polish


* Graphic Design - Complete digital book cover, back cover and spine formatted and ready for print


* ISBN - arrange and coordinate International Standard Book Number


* Copyright - to protect author's rights to written material


* Format and Typesetting - printer ready layout of copyright page, title page, dedication page, table of contents, entire body of book (price does not include pictures)


* Electronic Master - supply a .pdf ebook version


The beauty of the Self Publishing Package is that YOU own and control every aspect of the book. QD Publications Ltd. will work with you to create a quality product with your approval each step of the way.


QD Publications Ltd. will produce a ready to print book in the specific format required by the printing company.


Everyone has a story in them - Create your legacy!!



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