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Speaking Events and Engagements

Canadian best selling author of “The Queen’s Daughter”, Melissa McCormick is a hero in the eyes of women everywhere.


As the victim of the worst and most highly publicized case of sexual assault in Detroit history, Melissa boldly, and with complete confidence shares her years of struggle to overcome the stigma of gang rape.


An expert on sexual assault and the aftermath, Melissa often speaks to mental health professionals and emergency first response teams about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her book “The Queen’s Daughter” is also used at the University level as a true example of Psychological Forensic Profiling.


Aside from the clinical and educational aspects of Melissa’s message she inspires the audience with her amazing spirit and her ability to see the positive in every experience.


After owning and operating her own retail business for 20 years (with 4 stores to her credit), Melissa gave it all up to focus on her mission:


“To stand up for all the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence

who do not yet have the courage to do so for themselves.”


Melissa leads by example. She will awe the audience with her unparalleled ability to motivate and inspire.


Melissa’s compelling story inspired short film called Determined ( and is now available for purchase.

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