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My Hero: Brett Wilson

We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and I read the following post on Facebook by Brett Wilson:

“I am grateful for so much - humble family, helpful friends, happy life - and did I mention being Canadian!!

I am grateful for having beaten cancer 13 yrs ago - & for the opportunity to be ‪#‎KickingCancersAss again - yup...

My cancer is back - but w/ 2 months of radiation & all sorts of other modalities I will be #KickingCancersAss

No pity parties pls! Nothing needed - my family and I have this battle dialled in - rather suspect cancer will regret showing up - and will ‪#‎TapOut shortly”

I have been praying and thinking about Brett all day and I wondered, in relation to my personal experiences with trauma and the aftermath, what could I communicate to him (or anyone who is facing the cancer challenge) that would give comfort?

I could recite the usual clichés like “God has a plan” or “It will make you stronger.” These words are not applicable here because Brett has already transcended to a higher level in life than most, and has proven to be a hero to millions; including me.

With his business know-how, his philanthropic endeavors and his mentorship to others, Brett’s work ethic and generosity has changed the world; for the better.

The only thought that dominated my mind pertaining to Brett is this: the reappearance of cancer does not change his essence. Spiritually he is still the strong, driven man who wants to live. Cancer is just a temporary resident and will be evicted in due time.

Listen to Brett when he says, “no pity parties please.” Pity is negative and prevents a person from moving forward. Instead, honour him and love him.

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