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"Determined" Movie Debut

Peaks and valleys are common in all businesses and occasionally an extraordinary opportunity arises that eventually becomes a career highlight. Personally, I have been blessed with several.

The highlight of my career was winning the 2009 ATHENA Leadership Award presented by the Windsor and District Chamber of Commerce. Following in 2010 was the launch of my second book, Windsor and Essex County Who’s Who, Local Leaders and People of Influence, with a gala that coordinated an assembly of local VIP’s whose personal profiles of success were presented in the book. The positive, electric energy in the room superseded any event to date.

This past weekend my career was elevated to new heights with the World Premier of the short film, “Determined” based on my Canadian bestselling book “The Queen’s Daughter’ at Love Your Shorts Film Festival in Sanford, Florida.

Canadian film maker Scott Scheirich who not only wrote the screenplay but also produced and directed the movie, experienced the first public viewing of his masterpiece on the big screen. The audience was breathless and mesmerized with the intrigue of the shocking story based on true events.

As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, a thunder of applause broke out subsiding naturally until the screen read “Starring Jennifer Polansky” when a second round of applause erupted. Jennifer, the brilliant actress who plays me in the film was present to witness the appreciation of her performance.

After the last film of the Drama Block was done, the audience voted to choose their favorite.

WINNER “Determined” Best Film (Drama) 2011 Love Your Shorts Film Festival!!

As Scott accepted his award, I was overwhelmed with pride and emotion. I was thrilled that after years of dedication and passion, he succeeded in presenting a powerful, quality film that was recognized by his peers.

Congratulations Scott! You are my hero! Thank you to my cousin Bill Tasseff and his wife Linda for hosting this historic Florida weekend and for their generous hospitality!

Thank you to everyone who attended the movie debut and to all of my friends and family who have supported me and my mission over the years.

  • Blog originally posted February 2011

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