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Falsely Accused

Catching the tail end of the Dr. Phil show, I witnessed a young father be exonerated of molesting his young daughter and a lie detector test proved that the mother in law had falsely accused him of the horrible act. He was crying with relief that the truth had finally been revealed.

When men are falsely accused of sexual assault, it destroys the credibility of real victims everywhere. How dare someone use this particular crime as a way to control the future life of the accused! What a manipulating and evil way to attack someone’s reputation and moral compass.

I think falsely accusing someone of a crime should be a crime in itself. Sexual assault is about violence and control and power. So is lying about it. My heart goes out to the father on Dr. Phil today. May God bless him in his journey toward forgiveness for he represents a brotherhood of men who are genuinely trying to do the right thing.

I honestly believe that “The truth shall set you free”.

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