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A Point of View

When we are faced with adversity in our lives and in our businesses, instinctually we feel the need to fight to redeem our place of security. What do you do when your client base is diminishing and your sales are shrinking? Make more calls, lower our prices, work longer hours?

Sometimes tackling the problem head on is not the answer because the fight or die attitude causes anxiety, frustration and other negative consequences. Trauma and hardship is actually life tapping you on the shoulder saying, “wake up and listen!” There is a lesson to be learned and if you take the opportunity to analyse and re-focus, you may discover that your initial motivations and goals were misdirected.

The path to success and power lies within you. You already know the solution to your problems. Do not be distracted by the temptation to veer off course. The answer may be as simple as an attitude adjustment or changing the habit of thinking small.

“Boldness of spirit and tenacity of purpose attend the man who acts in accord with his own nature.”

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