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Garbage is Garbage

There is one common characteristic of a person who truly inspires others: persistence. We love the hockey player who gets checked with such force that his face hits the ice, but seconds later he is back on his skates hustling after the puck. Then there is the boxer who keeps his fists up to cover his face from the pounding of his opponent, refusing to go down and just waiting until the round is over so he can try again.

My personal favourite: the victim who gets out of bed every morning to face the day regardless of the overwhelming melancholy and depression. Victims of trauma are forced to endure symptoms of distress endlessly, and just recently mental health issues have come to the forefront of discussions.

However, there is good news. Like the hockey player and the boxer, there is a huge reward for persisting beyond the trauma. The reward is the vision of genuine truth. A victim is given a gift of seeing what really matters in the big scheme of things. Victims are no longer common people on the superficial treadmill of life: we are special. Being exposed to reality, a victim has the ability to pick through the garbage and choose the narrow pathway to success. We know when garbage is garbage.

Someone who has never suffered is left behind thinking that garbage is the answer to happiness.

Persistence is the game of life. I am convinced that if you keep trying, keep getting up when you are down, and never giving up, the rewards will be numerous. Sift through the garbage, persist down the narrow road of truth, and success is assured.

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