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Do You Question God's Existence?

Recently I was challenged by a family member about my opinion on the war in the Middle East. I refused to debate the subject because I saw no point in rehashing history and taking sides in a conflict with no peaceful resolution in sight.

Does it mean that I don’t care? Of course I care. I care for the human lives lost and the negative energy that seems to be infiltrating our psyche as a result. Watching the news and following the conflict on the internet or in the newspapers will make me crazy, if I allow it to. The mood globally is dismal to say the least.

The fight, since the beginning of time is: good versus evil. I choose good and I choose God.

How can you believe in God when such evil exists in the world?

Am I being delusional by choosing to only look at the positive in situations? It is the only way to survive. Walk away from evil, and decide to experience the positive.

When you feel true love for your partner; when you feel joy looking into your child’s eyes; or when you feel unconditional acceptance from your dog; you are experiencing God.

God is found in our hearts and is expressed through our feelings. Nothing else matters other than love. God is love; love is happiness. Isn’t being happy the universal goal?

Ignore evil; eliminate the bad and avoid people who bring you down. I choose God.

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