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"The Cause" a.k.a. My Mission

Often you will hear me mention my commitment to "The Cause". What I am referring to is my mission--to openly and publicly stand up for the rights of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I consider it a privilege to speak on behalf of the many victims who do not yet have the courage to do so themselves. Although I am a self appointed spokesperson, my support base has grown substantially since the release of my book, The Queen's Daughter.

My favorite line in the book can be found in the Preface: "I deserve the respect I earned fighting for my life". All victims and volunteers who are working together to fight violence against women should be recognized and applauded for their efforts.

As a society, we need to continue to move forward for "The Cause". The proceeds from the sale of my book and DVD as well as the donations recieved (homepage), monetarily support my determination to influence and educate the public about these important issues.

I look forward to reading your responses and comments both on the blog page as well as on the message board.

Thank you for your support.


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