Top 12 Revenge Movies

August 11, 2014



Most people are driven by power; plain and simple. How that power is attained is another story. Rape is not about sex; it is physical and personal power over another human being, causing irrefutable pain and trauma to the victim, and a heightened sense of ego to the perp.


Violence, in all forms, is common within the movie industry and when considering a storyline that is marketable, the inclusion of an underdog or a vigilante always sells.


I want to see a hero who defies the odds and takes revenge on evil. When I am feeling challenged and my back is against the wall, I watch one of my favorite movies where the scores are settled in the end. I especially appreciate a strong, female character who ultimately wins against her oppressors.


Therefore, I offer you a list of my favorite revenge movies:


12.  Death Wish - 1974 Charles Bronson


11.  Double Jeopardy – 1999 Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd


10.  Taken – 2008 Liam Neeson


  9.  Gladiator – 2000 Russell Crowe


  8.  The Count of Monte Cristo – 2002 Jim Caviezel


  7.  Colombiana – 2011 Zoe Saldana


  6.  Munich – 2005 Eric Bana


  5.  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo – 2011 Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig


  4.  The Brave One – 2007 Jodie Foster


  3.  Enough – 2002 Jennifer Lopez


  2.  Law Abiding Citizen – Gerard Butler, Jamie Fox


AND MY  # 1 REVENGE MOVIE IS...............


Sleepers – 1996 Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro


An honourable mention goes to Bad Ass – 2012 Danny Trejo. This is a light hearted, vigilante movie that is funny and really bad ass!


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