Depression - Living, Channeling, Accepting

December 6, 2008

It is almost certain that with the burden of being a victim of sexual assault, comes a lifetime of anxiety and depression.


The anxiety I have learned to overcome by developing a new way of thinking coupled with drug therapy. Depression, however is a different story. I knew I could never realistically eliminate depression so instead, I learned to channel it. This is what I do:


-When I am feeling down or a little blue, I just accept the emotion and continue with my day by staying busy and distracting myself. Sometimes I will sit and write all the things that I am grateful for in my life and the mood is lifted. Helping someone less fortunate is also a great way to feel good.


-When I am severely depressed (usually after a sleep filled with nightmares), I accept the emotion, cancel my appointments and take a day off work. During these intense periods, I usually prefer to be alone and not talk to anyone until the feeling passes. The next day I am back to normal.


 In my younger years I would be angry and criticize myself for being unable to eliminate the down days, but I have learned to work with it and to accept depression as part of my life.


My life is a success if my good days outnumber the bad and thank God that they do!

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