Kidnapped, beaten and gang raped at gunpoint. Wanting to die. Begging her assailants to kill her. This is Melissa’s riveting story of her escape, the night she became “The Queen’s Daughter.”

"I hope that my book will help anyone who’s been traumatized by life’s challenges to find the courage to live up to their full potential.”
Melissa McCormick, Author

The Queen's Daughter E-book

  • 12 Terror-filled Hours. A true story.

    On February 12, 1976, six young and beautiful women prepared for a big night out in Detroit.

    One did not make it home that night.

    She was kidnapped and held for 12 hours against her will. The experience was so brutal and frightening that she begged her assailants to kill her.

    Instead they let her go.

    28 years later, Melissa McCormick is finally ready to tell about the night she became The Queen's Daughter.

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